Quiz Bowl

We provide high-quality tournament and practice questions to thousands of quiz bowl teams every year. New School Package ($119, free shipping) Over 2,500 practice questions for new players and teams. Middle School and High School editions are available.

We have 250,000 more practice questions for experienced teams at every level! Place your order at naqt.com/order or call 888-411-6278 ("NAQT"). We're happy to partner with ZeeCraft to offer $5 off any practice question order with the promo code ZC2016.         NAQT Web Site


Questions Unlimited

Challenge your team with the questions used to decide the National Academic Championship each year. Questions Unlimited uses more than 6,000 questions each year at the competition. Your team can practice with the best 1,200 questions from each year. Each booklet contains 12 sets of 100 questions in Questions Unlimited's copyrighted, four-quarter format. Each set has four rounds:

* Round 1 (Warm-up Round): 16 relatively easy toss-up questions worth 5 and 10 points each
* Round 2 (Bonus Round): 8 toss-up questions, and 4 four-part bonus series
* Round 3 (60 Second Round): 4 60-second rounds of 10 questions each
* Round 4 (Stump the Experts Round): 20 relatively difficult toss-up questions worth 15 and 20 points each

Best value - only $80 per set of 1,200 questions! Geared for high school students, all volumes are equal in quality with timeless Questions.                     Price: $80




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