Professor Z
 Talk Light Title
Great for noise control in Libraries, Auditoriums and Cafeterias
Wall mounted: Light includes sensitivity control, alert volume control, red light timer, light bulbs, 10' power cord and wall mounting hardware Talk Light
  • 10" wide, 38" tall and 14" deep
  • 18lbs.
  • Power Requirements: standard grounded power outlet 10' power cord provided
  • Light Bulbs: 40 watt standard, screw-in, medium based. The light is shipped with clear, fan-duty bulbs which will last approximately one year
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable from 60db to over 100db
  • Case Material: Polycarbonate

Price ... $895.00
Plus $75 Shipping an handling

Talk Light Stand
Talk Light Mounting Post



The Talk Light Stand provides the flexibility to move the light to different locations within the room or out of the room if needed. The pole is 8' tall and is secured to a base that was designed for a traffic light

Price ... $225.00
Plus $75 Shipping an handling

Talk Light Too
FEATURES: Talk Light too allows you to manage size sensitive sites with a traffic light that is small and portable. As a small replica of an actual traffic light, red, yellow and green lights can be used in several unique applications. Inside the traffic light, a dual microprocessor can be programmed to meet your specific requirements. Talk Light
  • Measures: 6" x 18" x 4"
  • 8 different sensitivity settings for noise level
  • Volume control for audible alert. Feature can also be turned off
  • Manually change colors to green, yellow and red. This feature can be used to manually time speeches, testing, projects or any other timed event
  • Red light stays on for one minute if noise level exceeds acceptable level.
  • Traffic light can be used on a table top or wall mounted.
  • Important: Light does not respond to sudden noise changes in the room
Price ... $200.00 General Use
Price ... $225.00 Hospital Code Compliant *
Plus $25 Shipping an handling

* Talk Light too Hospital Version allows you to manage size sensitive sites in a Hospital or Doctor Office with a traffic light that is small and portable. The power supply meets Hostipal requirements.

Talk Light Accessories
Talk Light Remote Control

The hand-held remote control allows the user to override the noise management function of the light. The light can be changed with this hand-held remote, from green, yellow, flashing yellow, red and then back so you can manage the noise in your quiz bowl arena. Works with Talk Light and * Talk Light Too.

Price ... $90.00

Plus $10 Shipping an handling

* Does not work with Talk Light too, Hospital Compliant version
Talk Light Timer

This timer allows the Talk Light to be preprogrammed to automatically turn on and off

Price ... $25.00 Professor Z