Zeecraft Timer Title

New star ZEECRAFT MegaTimer™
New Zeecraft Timer
A Jumbo Timer Designed Just for Teachers!
Hands down, the biggest, most powerful timer for teachers available! Measures in at a super-sized 6.5 x 9.5 inches.
Features a Jumbo LCD display with brilliant blue backlight-you can read the display from the back row of the classroom
Includes all the standard timer features you would expect, plus many more.
  • The MegaTimer's design is so unique and versatile it is patent pending
  • Push the Student Selector button to randomly pick any student to share
  • Push the Team Selector button to randomly pick any team in the class to present
  • Use the Countdown timer to display how much time remains for students to complete their projects
  • Use the Stopwatch timer to challenge the class how long it takes to clean up
  • Need dice, a spinner, or random numbers for math problems? The Random mode will generate random numbers for you
  • Set an Alarm to remind you and the class it's break time
  • Press the Temperature button to check if the temperature is optimal for learning
  • Carry it around, hang it on the wall, or use the stand to place it on your desk
Displays Time and Date when not in use.
Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)
Zeecraft MegaTimer ™.....$46.00
Power SupplyPower Adapter
Recommended for extended use of
backlight (sold separately) Price.....$6.00

New star TimerTools® Software
New Timer
Projectable Timers for Teachers and Trainers
TimerTools® is the Swiss army knife for teachers and presenters:
13 essential tools in one!

Whether you are presenting to a small class or a huge audience, TimerTools is the perfect solution for every type of presentation: hourglass, analog clock, digital clock, alarm clock, multiple customizable alarms, seconds countdown timer, turn timer, interval timer, digital stopwatch, analog stopwatch, and split timer.

Excitement will mount as your class or workshop participants race against the TimerTools stopwatch, attempting to break their prior record for a challenging task.

Each attractive, scalable, customizable timer tool is super easy to use.

Ideal for computer presentation or to turn your whole computer into a suite of powerful timing tools.
For PC or Mac
Site license available in 10 packs
Price.....$249.00 - Save $41 !!

New Zeecraft Multi Use Timer
The ultimate timer! And, at One third the cost of similar models! The Zeecraft Multi Use Timer has all the features you´ll need for quiz bowl tournaments to sporting events. It´s easy to use, durable and extremely portable. A perfect compliment to our Challenger or Discover Systems as a question or match timer.

  • Clock counts down or up
  • 3” LED Display, viewable from several hundred feet!
  • Small display on back for additional viewing angle
  • Counts by minutes and/or seconds
  • Can be used as a timer or stopwatch
  • Can start and stop during operation
  • Loud Alarm to signal times up
  • Reset time at the push of a button
  • Can be easily set by any adult or student
  • To be used as a single event timer
  • Can turn sound off by factory setting
  • Standard one year warranty
  • Very Durable
  • Extremely Portable
  • Works great with scoreboard for sporting events!
  • Clock Dimensions: 11" x 4.75"H x 3"D Digit Dimensions: 2"W x 3"H

Zeecraft Multi use Timer.....$198.00

60 Minute timer Timer
Split-second accuracy for any period from one second to sixty minutes. A built-in buzzer automatically signals the end of the designated time period.

Separate second and minute hands also gives this unit the ability to be used as a stopwatch. The case is a plastic blend, designed to withstand high impact and resist moisture.
Measures 7½" x 7½" x 2½"

60 Minute Timer.....$168.00

Digital Timer
  • Battery-powered timer (uses one C battery, included)
  • Built-in Buzzer
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Time-out function
  • Counts up and down
  • Can preset time for continual usage
Compact (approximately 4" x 2½" x 6") Numeric Measurement 1"

Digital Timer....$30.00

With this versatile classroom tool you can teach time management skills on an overhead projector or you can use it as a timer, a clock, or a chronometer. The TeachTimer® comes with a one year warranty.
Uses of the TeachTimer®:
  • Place the TeachTimer® on an overhead projector
  • Wear the TeachTimer® around your neck to keep time at an outdoor activity or for easy access
  • Open the desk stand on the back and make the TeachTimer® visible to everyone
Dimensions: 3½ x 5½

TeachTimer® (Projectable Timer) .....$39.00


  • Self-contained projection .. no overhead projector needed.
  • Quickly set timer to 5, 10, 15, etc. minutes with new QK-Set key.
  • Randomly generate numbers from 1-150.
  • Immediately start your next timing session using same set time.
  • Remind students at one-minute intervals as time elapses.
  • Powered by AC/DC Adapter or batteries (both included).
  • The TeachTimer II® comes with a one year warranty.

TeachTimer II® .....$64.00

RIGHT TIMER™ Overhead Timer
Right Timer™FEATURES:
  • Timer functions can count up or down
  • Pre-programmed Quick Set keys
      (in 1,5 and 10-minute intervals)
  • Program button is customizable to your favorite time
  • Large LCD displays a graphic representation of time passing as well as a numerical count for reinforcement
  • Tone signals when time runs out
  • Dimensions: 2½ x 8 x ¾

Right Timer™ .....$29.99

Time Timer
  • Time elapses clockwise
  • Silent quartz movement
  • Set at any point from 0-60 minutes
  • Uses AA battery
  • Red display disappears as time elapses, a great visual


3" timer *.... $28.00
8" timer *.... $32.00
12" timer... $38.00
CD ROM timer $21.00
* Optional audible signal

Time Manager
Red, yellow and green lights don't just manage traffic anymore. Now you can use them in your quiz bowls. The teams and the audience will be sure to take notice.
A self-programmable traffic light designed for time sensitive applications. The flexibility of the software allows the user to design the program for presentations, testing, training or other various timed events. The light can run either attached to the PC or remotely once a program has been loaded.

  • Portable for usage in different locations.
  • Flexible Software that operates on a PC or laptop
  • Programs can be written, stored and activated as needed
  • Number of programs are limited only to storage availability on computer
  • Ability to choose up to 4 different time settings.
TIME MANAGER....$250.00

Time Tracker
Time Tracker
It's never been easier ... or more fun to keep kids on track with this unique lighted electronic timer
  • Easily programmable green, yellow and red sections
  • Six sound effects to indicate time running out
  • 180° viewing
Power SupplyPrice...$32.00


Optional Power adapter    $10.00